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Capcut Thailand Template – 1

Capcut Thailand Template – 2

Capcut New Features

Short-form Video Focus:

  • Long Video to Shorts: Easily chop longer videos (1 minute to 3 hours) into bite-sized clips perfect for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.
  • Improved UI: The editing interface for short clips is streamlined for faster and more intuitive editing.
  • New Editing Tools: Enhance your short videos with features like:
    • Relight: Adjust the lighting in your clips to create different moods or fix uneven illumination.
    • AI Fill: Intelligently fill in empty spaces in your video with AI-generated backgrounds.

AI-powered Editing:

  • AI Video Script: Generate video drafts based on a script you provide. Choose the voice, aspect ratio, and style for a quick starting point.
  • AI Portrait Mode: Automatically blur the background in your videos for a professional bokeh effect.
  • AI Object Removal: Effortlessly erase unwanted objects from your clips with a single tap.

Enhanced Video Editing Tools:

  • Video Upscaler: Improve the resolution of your low-quality footage to match higher-resolution clips seamlessly.
  • Image Upscaler: Sharpen and enhance the details in your photos for crisp and clear visuals.
  • Advanced Keyframe Animation: Create complex and dynamic animations with precise control over every frame.
  • Text Masking: Make your text stand out by adding unique shapes and masks to it.
Long Video to ShortsChop long videos into clips for short-form platforms.
Improved UI (Short-form)Streamlined interface for faster short-form editing.
RelightAdjust lighting in clips for mood or uneven illumination.
AI FillIntelligently fill empty spaces with AI-generated backgrounds.
AI Video ScriptGenerate video drafts based on a provided script.
AI Portrait ModeAutomatically blur video background for a professional bokeh effect.
AI Object RemovalEffortlessly erase unwanted objects from clips.
Video UpscalerImprove the resolution of low-quality footage.
Image UpscalerSharpen and enhance the details in photos.
Advanced Keyframe AnimationCreate complex animations with precise frame-by-frame control.
Text MaskingAdd unique shapes and masks to text.
Cloud StorageSave projects in the cloud for access from any device.
Multi-member EditingCollaborate with others on video projects in real-time.
Expanded Template LibraryDiscover more pre-made templates for various video styles.

Comparison Table of CapCut, CapCut Mod APK, CapCut PC, and CapCut IOS

FeatureCapCutCapCut Mod APKCapCut PCCapCut iOS
PlatformAndroid, iOSAndroidWindows, MaciOS
CostFreeFree (with ads), Paid for Premium featuresFreeFree
Premium featuresAds, watermark, limited effects/filtersUnlocked premium effects/filters, no ads, no watermarkSome features locked, no ads, no watermarkSome features locked, no ads, no watermark
Features:Basic editing tools, templates, effects, filters, text, transitions, audio, keyframe animationAll CapCut features, additional premium effects/filtersMost CapCut features, limited compared to mobile versions, no text masking, limited keyframe animationAll CapCut features, limited compared to Android version, no text masking
InterfaceTouch-friendly interfaceSimilar to CapCut mobile, may differ slightlyDesktop-optimized interface, may require learning curveTouch-friendly interface, similar to CapCut mobile
PerformanceMay depend on deviceMay depend on device, potential security risksMay require higher system specs, generally faster editingMay depend on device, generally smooth performance
Cloud storageYesNoYesYes
Multi-member editingNoNoYesYes
Template libraryLimited selectionFull selectionLimited selectionFull selection
Download sourceGoogle Play Store, App StoreThird-party websites (use with caution)Official CapCut websiteApp Store
Safety and securityOfficial app, safe and secureThird-party app, potential security risksOfficial app, safe and secureOfficial app, safe and secure


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